At UAP Clinic, our certified audiologists hold a doctorate degree in Audiology. They are highly-trained and have over 34 years combined experience in the testing, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. We offer complete hearing evaluations including case history, outer ear visual exams, pure tone testing, bone conduction and speech testing.

If you are in need of hearing aids, we will discuss your options with you based on your needs.

Our audiologists also provide assessments for problems with balance. If you are experiencing dizziness when you lay down, bend over or turn in bed, we may be able to help.

For more information, please call (812) 234-3788.

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Are You Aware of Your Hearing Loss?

"What? You think I have a hearing loss?" If you are like many people, you may be surprised when friends and family suggest that you have a hearing problem. You may think to yourself "I hear what people say. I don't know why they think I have a hearing loss." Many times, you probably do hear them when they are talking, but you may be missing some of their conversation with you, or you may not realize that what you think you heard is not exactly what they were saying. This can lead to your loved ones accusing you of not listening or of not paying attention. [Click here to learn more and take the hearing test.]

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